Command Magazine #2 – Sunrise of Victory – magazine AND game


Includes magazine AND game.


Command Magazine #2 – Sunrise of Victory

Includes magazine AND game

The campaign in Russia in 1942-43. The game uses the eastern front system seen in games such as The Tigers Are Burning and Bltizkrieg ’41.

The game includes three scenarios:

– Scenario I is the full 18-turn campaign game, from late June 1942 to early December 1943.

– Scenario II is “”Stalin’s City”” from Game Turn 6 (Nov.-Dec. ’42 to Nov.-Dec. ’43)

– Scenario III is “”Deathride”” from GT 14 (July-Aug. ’43 to Nov.-Dec. ’43).

This download includes the following:

– Magazine cover to cover

– Full color map ready to print

– Full color high quality counter sheets ready to print

A fantastic addition to any wargame collection in a convenient format.