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Battleplan Magazine Complete Collection Bundle





Battleplan Magazine – Issue #1

March-April 1987

Articles list:

– Squad Leader “ Two New Scenarios from “”On All Fronts”” newsletter, Pete Flahive:

— “”One if by Air, Two if by Sea””

–“”Blunting the Spearhead””

– Solitaire Scenario for Up Front

– Variant for Avalon Hill’s Fortress Europa (including counters)

– Scenario for SSG’s Carriers at War

– Rules variants for GDW’s A House Divided (first of three part article)

– Political variants for Avalon Hill’s Russian Campaign

– Scenario for Task Force’s Armor at Kursk

– Variant situation cards and weather effects for Field Marshal (including cards)

– Escalation variant for Combat Cards II

– Tournament scenario contest for Warlords of the World

– Assorted small variants for World In Flames, Third Reich, Operation Konrad

Battleplan Magazine – Issue #2

May – June 1987

Articles list:

– Two Squad Leader Scenarios

– Supremacy Variants

– Scenario for SSG’s Battlefront

– Rules variants for GDW A House Divided (part 2)

– Scenario for Cobra

– Variants for Cobra

– Variants for Avalon Hill’s Luftwaffe

– Japanese Jet variant for Avalon Hill’s Dauntless

– Strategy article on Stratego

– Fallschirmjäger variant for Ambush!

– Decline and Fall: 1944-45 Campaign Game (new scenario) for World in Flames

– 4th edition corrections and optional rules for World in Flames

– Variants for Avalon Hill’s “”Bismarck””

– Variants for Avalon Hill’s Wooden Ships and Iron Men

– Assorted small variants for War at Sea, Napoleon’s Last Battles, Hue, Op Badr, and Dunkirk 1940

– New aircraft for Avalon Hill’s Richthofen’s War

Battleplan Magazine – Issue #3

July – August 1987

Articles list:

– scenario for Third Reich

– review of Mission Grenada

– variants and optional rules for Mission Grenada

– two scenarios for Squad Leader

– Squad Leader abbreviations Defined

– rules variants for GDW’s A House Divided (part 3)

– alternative Risk rules

– Axis & Allies variants (including cards)

– Empires in Arms variant

– SPI’s War in Europe variant

– scenario for Remember the Maine (Strategy & Tactics game)

– extras for GDW’s Trenchfoot

– variant for War at Sea

Battleplan Magazine – Issue #4

September – October 1987

Articles list:

– Shogun editorial

– Squad Leader scenarios – based on Guy Sajer’s book The Forgotten Soldier

– Panzers at Kursk

– Blue Max variants

– Ambush! scenario

– Battlewagon

– Fortress America

– Battle for Moscow

– Avalon Hill’s Midway

Battleplan Magazine – Issue #5

Articles list:

– two Squad Leader scenarios

– Russian Campaign II changes and strategies for expansion kit

– new scenarios for Assault on Singapore

– additional campaigns for Top Gun

– two new scenarios for Omega Game’s Victory in Europe

– optional rules for A World in Flames

– scenario for Victory Games’ 2nd Fleet

– variant for Guns of August

– interview with Rodger MacGowan

– short variants for Duel in the Desert and North African Campaign

– strategies and errata for Last Panzer Victory

– variants for the Battle of Debrecan

– Shanghai Trader Tournament Rules

Battleplan Magazine – Issue #6

June – July 1988

Articles list:

– Midway Random Events

– 1066 review and addendum

– 1066 variants, strategies and tactics

– A House Divided variant with counters

– Central America scenario

– Axis & Allies variant

– strategies in Russian Campaign

– Sniper! (board game): Special Forces scenarios and variants

– World in Flames variant

– scenario for Armor at Kursk

– Air War realism variant

– Empires in Arms strategies

Battleplan Magazine – Issue #7

August – September 1988

Articles list:

– complete minigame Zulu War

– West End Games’ Tank Leader scenarios

– variants for Shogun

– Ancients scenarios

– Battle for Moscow mini-campaign

– GDW’s Great Patriotic War errata and new variants

– Fireteam scenarios

– 4th Edition World in Flames preview

– strategies in World in Flames

– scenario for Game Design Workshop’s 1940

– scenario for Rommel in the Desert

– Milton Bradley’s Fortress America variant

– Extra firefights for Platoon

– variants for B-17, Queen of the Skies

– variant for Okinawa (game included in The Wargamer issue 55)

– extra teams for Team Yankee

– Last Victory

– Raid on St.Nazaire variant

– Red Star/White Star scenarios

– variant for The Last Victory

– variant for Winter Storm

Battleplan Magazine – Issue #8

January – February 1989

Articles list:

– variant for Eastern Front Solitaire

– variant for Zulu War (last issue’s minigame)

– Bismarck House Rules

– scenario for West End Games’ Druid

– Drive on Frankfurt variants

– Axis & Allies scenario

– rules for combining Nuclear War and Risk

– Empires in Arms strategies

– aircraft for TSR’s Air War

– variants for Fortress America

– US aircraft for GDW’s Blue Max

– variant for Yaquinto’s Carrier

– scenario for Up Front

– variant for FireTeam

– variants for S&T game Kanev

– Third Reich variant with map and rules

– scenarios for Third Reich

Battleplan Magazine – Issue #9

Articles list:

– Air Superiority Mega Issue – Eagles of the Gulf Module. Includes 2 Maps and 14 Scenarios

– ASL Scenarios

– Duel in the Desert errata

– Remember the Maine scenario

– World in Flames variant

– Axis & Allies variants

– campaign game for Rolling Thunder

– Airland Battles variant

– Revolt in the East scenario

A fantastic addition to any wargame collection in a convenient format.