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Command Magazine #4 – Lion of Ethiopia – magazine AND game


Includes magazine AND game.


Command Magazine #4 – Lion of Ethiopia

Includes magazine AND game.

This game is a two-player simulation of the Italian invasion of Ethiopia in 1935-36. This war holds the distinction of being the largest colonial war ever fought in Africa and was the first round of the European portion of what would become World War II.

For the Italians, victory is determined by occupation of a number of geographical locations or the complete destruction of the Ethiopian army. For the Ethiopians, they must occupy Massawa and Mogadisho, destroy both Italian HQs, destroy the entire Italian army, or prevent the Italians from winning by Turn 22.

This download includes the following:

– Magazine cover to cover

– Full color map ready to print

– Full color high quality counter sheets ready to print

A fantastic addition to any wargame collection in a convenient format.