Air Assault on Crete / Invasion of Malta: 1942


Avalon Hill’s epic German airborne attack game.


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This item includes everything you need to make and play Air Assault on Crete.

Air Assault on Crete features a bonus game, Invasion of Malta-1942.

Each game includes its own map board and counters and shares only a minimum of components with the other, however, they share the same basic rules system.

A strategic battalion level game, Air Assault On Crete simulates the first totally airborne invasion in history, with the Germans overwhelming the rag-tag Allied survivors of the ill-fated Greek Campaign.

Traditional turn sequencing: Axis bombard, move, combat; then Allied movement and combat. Units have attack, defense, and movement values, as well as stacking limits. Standard terrain effects. Zones of control, but there’s no mandatory attacks.

Invasion of Malta-1942 re-creates the hypothetical German-Italian invasion of Malta.

– Game rules in searchable PDF

– Counters and variant counters

– High quality map image and variant map

– Avalon Hill General Magazine Articles

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