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3W Run Silent, Run Deep
3W Run Silent, Run Deep
This product was added to our catalog on Friday 22 May, 2015.
Item #:
Price: $5.00AUD
Product Description

3W (World Wide Wargames) Run Silent, Run Deep

An exciting, fast paced game recreating tactical submarine actions during World War II. Critical elements of submarine warfare presented including Sonar, evasion and maneuver, torpedo attacks, collisions, anti-submarine weapons, and gunnery. Each submarine's location is secretly plotted on Submarine Data Sheets.

There are 21 scenarios included from the Atlantic, the Mediterranean, and the Pacific. Scenarios include convoy battles, hunter-killer actions, Aircraft Carrier sinkings, and one-on-one encounters. Submarines from major belligerents are here, such as WAHOO, U-47, SPLENDID, SURCOUF, I-19 and TANG.

This download includes the following:

- High Quality Rulebook in PDF format

- Full color map ready to print

- Full color high quality counter sheets ready to print

- All charts and tables

A fantastic addition to any wargame collection in a convenient format.