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Metagaming The Fantasy Trip Collection
Metagaming The Fantasy Trip Collection
This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 06 August, 2013.
Item #:
Price: $5.00AUD
Product Description

Metagaming the Fantasy Trip Collection

Starting in 1977, and ending in 1982, Metagaming released a series of microgames.

The games have been designed to be played solo, two-player, or multi-player.

This item includes all of the following games ready to print and play:

* Melee

* Advanced Melee

* Wizard

* Advanced Wizard

* Death Test 1

* Death Test 2

* Dragons of the Underearth

* Lords of the Underearth

* Grail Quest

* Master of Amulets

* Orb Quest

* Treasure of the Silver Dragon

* Treasure of Unicorn Gold

* In The Labyrinth

* The Forest Lords of Dihad

* Tollenkars Lair

* Warrior Lords of Darok

* Security Station extra's that I have collected over the years.

A fantastic addition to any gaming collection in a convenient format.