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Avalon Hill Magic Realm Digital Download
Avalon Hill Magic Realm Digital Download
This product was added to our catalog on Monday 21 December, 2009.
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Price: $5.00AUD
Product Description


Avalon Hill Magic Realm

MAGIC REALM is a game of fantasy adventuring, set in a land filled with monsters, fabulous treasures, great warriors and magicians. The scene is set in the ruins of a mighty kingdom, now inhabited by sparse groups of natives and swarms of monsters. Beneath it all are the rich remnants of a magical civilization , scattered and lost across the map.

To this scene come the adventurers, seekers of riches and fame, to make a name for themselves in this promising field. Swordsman and Dwarf, Magician and Sorceror, the humans and the half-humans come seeking to loot the legendary riches of a lost civilization. Now you can play the part of one of these adventurers, stepping into an unknown Realm of magic and monsters, battles and treasures.

As a player, you will take on the role of one of the sixteen major characters who are represented in detail in the game. You will control where he goes, what he tries to do, how he handles himself in combat and much more. In the course of the game you will run into deadly monsters, tribes of humans ranging from old friends to sworn enemies, and treasures that will enhance your abilities in many ways.

This item includes:

- High quality 2nd Edition rulebook in PDF format PLUS Unoffical 3rd Edition Rulebook PLUS Expansions

- Rules for Solitaire Play and Solitaire Scenario

- Full colour tile pieces ready to print

- Full colour redesigned counters ready for printing

- Avalon Hill Magazine Articles

- BONUS tools and articles

Avalon Hill Complexity rating - 9

A fantastic addition to any game collection in a convenient format.